Business Coaches Are Just Desperate to Be Tony Robbins, Right?

Business Coaches

To debunk a common misconception; I’m not trying to be Tony Robbins, nor do I want to be – that market is saturated.

I get the mix-up. Tony Robbins is the face most people picture when business coaching is mentioned, but not all coaches do the same thing, in fact, most of them are pretty unique. A great coach will use their personal experiences, personality and passion to create their own coaching business that brings something new to people’s lives.

The difference between Tony Robbins and myself is he wants to motivate you, while I want to give you the tools and knowledge to succeed in building your business and taking it through each stage of growth you will encounter as you climb the ranks. I work on an individual basis to understand what’s holding your business back and help you use specifically targeted tools and knowledge to better your business.

I’m not saying anything negative about Tony’s coaching program. I’m sure Tony, Kerwin Rae and Calvin Coyles change lives in their own way – they’re certainly successful – but they’re about mindset and when building a business, that only gets you so far.

In terms of their own business success the ‘business side’ of their brand is handled by countless other people who get everything lined up perfectly so all these guys have to do is walk onto the stage, say their bit and leave again.

The real work is far less glamorous and handled by teams of more strategic people. They, not the head speakers, are the ones who know and understand business and what it takes to get a successful day over the line.

As an unintended consequence of heightened motivational messaging, they’ve inspired a generation to do what most can’t – act as a business coach.

It’s become more popular to be a business coach than be a business owner. It’s estimated that 80% of the coaching profession is well-intentioned bullshit. So, logically you can assume most in this space is taken by bullshit artists who make a lot of rah-rah noise without much genuine value or business sense to contribute.

They might have bought the books, attended the low-grade training courses and integrated buzzwords into their everyday conversations, but that doesn’t give them any right to claim to be something they’re not: Business experts.

Truth be told, I hate the term ‘business coach’. It’s overused and undervalued. I refuse to be associated with it. Please now only refer to me as Messiah…sorry, I mean your Business Sherpa. It’s much more meaningful to be given guidance and direction by someone who knows the trail well and has walked it enough times for it to (seem) easy rather than someone who is going to rebuke or cheer you on from the sidelines.

Who better to navigate you through the rocky incline of turning your idea into a success than a Business Sherpa?

Unlike many of my counterparts, I have runs on the board with actual, real-life business experience. Whatever you’re going through as a business owner, I’ve been there. I built a business from scratch and sold it seven years later for a tidy profit. It means when you have a business-related challenge, I actually know what you’re going through and I’ve survived it and know how you can get to the other side quickly and with less disruption than I had to go through.

I want to see you succeed, I’m passionate about it. So much so that, since selling my business I packed up my lunchbox and returned to study – a key to success is to always be willing to keep learning in order to grow yourself and offer even more of your expertise.

I’ve done postgraduate study in Applied Business as well as International Coaching Federation training – not a weekend course. Most importantly they teach the guidelines and ethics to abide by as well as the accountability standards I set myself and use to provide the greatest impact for my clients.

These are the skills I pride myself on offering. I have the experience of building a business, learning from a professional (real) institutional course and my own unique application of how to apply it to you. It’s coaching and consulting combined, it’s ‘Sherparism’.

Don’t be fooled by someone’s hype about themselves; If they talk a big game, #danger. Get real with them and ask for proof. Ask them some basic questions:

  • What courses have you studied?
  • What businesses do you own or have owned in the past?
  • Is/was your business successful?
  • What can you do for my business growth?
  • What can you offer to help me achieve my business success?

If they can’t satisfy the answers above, thank them for their motivational quotes and move on.

Working with the right kind of coach who can offer a committed guidance partnership will bring positive change you can see quickly, build on for the life of your business but most importantly learn from one business and personal level. All of this will lead to incredible results and a shift in how to conduct and manage your business.

I don’t offer ‘blue sky thinking’. Sherparism is practical, strategic and results-driven. Instead of cheering because you got yourself out of bed in the morning, I’ll work with you to determine your business ‘Why’ (the reason you wanted to start this particular business), set realistic, manageable and exciting goals to motivate your forward and help you install new habits in your every-day schedule that make working in your business faster and easier.

My aim is not to make you feel good about having a business. I want to help you increase your business returns and give you more free time to spend with loved ones, engage in non-work activities and avoid burnout.

Of course, your business is far greater than just you so we’ll also work together to manage and develop your communication and leadership skills that will give you better relationships and efficiency with suppliers, staff and customers including hiring the right team and doing more than just a rah-rah motivational talk to get them working towards your goals.

Business is a big swag of learning tools, challenges and systems. You can learn as you go on your own and make a ton of mistakes and have some dramatic setbacks (like me), or you can hire a guide who’s walked the walk and can steer you around the biggest business pitfalls. You’ll reach your goals faster and get the lifestyle you are looking for in the future right now.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Schedule your success needs analysis for your business now – it’s obligation free.