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The Business Evolution Circle is an exclusive group mentoring program designed for businesses in marketing, branding, design, advertising, and creative industries, with a team, who are investing in themselves to achieve true fulfilment by creating the lives and businesses they’ve always dreamed of.

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Co Founder
Funnel Empire

“Despite getting results for our clients, stepping into a more agency-style operation was difficult for us.
We had a lack of business direction, had no systems, and no SOPs in place for our team to manage projects.

That’s when we came to Tristan for help to help focus on what we really want out of the business.

Thanks to Tristan, we created onboarding procedures, workflow systems, and team management initiatives. They helped us to lead our team with confidence and allowed our staff to be less reliant on us.”

- Chris, Co-founder of Funnel Empire

Welcome to The Business Evolution Circle

Learn how we help you close the gap to running a profitable business without your daily input.

Group Coaching

We are Trusted By


“It feels like your whole day is spent putting out fires, leaving you burnt out and overwhelmed…
Deep down, you know you’re capable of more, but you just don’t know what’s the next “best step” to take”

Tristan Quote
Optimising B2b
Optimising B2b

Overcoming Common Challenges in B2B Services

Just as you thought you could celebrate a new record month, you’re being pulled from all directions:

  • Your team is pinging you constantly on Slack
  • Your social media DMs are blowing up with potential clients asking to work together
  • Your email inbox is being flooded with new invoices to pay etc…

As a result, you might be making a good income but it comes at a heavy cost: working WAY more hours than you want to, leaving you burnt out and overwhelmed.


Mum/Dad, are you going to be able to take me to training tonight?

- your kids

Unique Business
Unique Business

Because your business takes up so much of your time, you barely have any time left for your family.

While you see your other entrepreneur friends having fun with their kids at the park, you’re working till late into the night and stuck to your desk.

Instead of taking the kids to the movies or going on date nights with your spouse, the only “person” you’re spending time with is your computer.

So how can you get out of this alternate reality for good?

It starts by building the right team and having systems in place.
Back when I was running my cycling wear business, I knew that if I wanted to remove myself as the bottleneck, I had to focus on what was making the most profit…

Not getting distracted by shiny new tactics. Instead of doing everything by myself, I started to hire staff and delegate less important tasks to them.

I created automated processes my team could use while I wasn’t around. Instead of relying on me all the time, they now had reliable systems to depend on.

And slowly but surely, I got more and more of my time back.
I could finally remove myself from being the key person.

It took 18 months to build my cycling wear business back up again, and eventually, I sold the business for a tidy multi 6 figure profit.

By the time I sold the business, I didn’t even need key person insurance anymore! And it’s the same for you if you want to make more profit while working fewer hours every day.

You need to surround yourself with the right people…
Who can show you how you can start building the right team and having systems in place.

Why You’re Still Stuck At Your Computer Even If You’ve Invested In Business Coaching Before…

After speaking to multiple B2B service-based business owners like you, I realise that they actually took the first step to invest in business coaching before.

Some cost them $35K/year or more…

They made good money but they still couldn’t buy their time back.


Turns out these business coaches usually fall into one of these two categories:

You’ll either see a more senior business coach, who while offering a level of expertise is often hampered by limited ability to adapt to the digital age.

This means it’s more difficult to implement what you learn in your business with everything being more fast paced today…

On the other hand, you have the young bucks with no real business experience—just a flimsy life coaching ‘certificate’ and some successful social media accounts.

Since they’re good at only marketing themselves, it’s difficult for you to get results as a business is more than just marketing and sales.

To run a successful business, you need to learn other aspects of the business such as branding, operations, finance, strategy etc.

This is only possible if you learn from someone who has real experience in the trenches…

Tristan On Demand Speaker

Why Choose The Business Evolution Circle

A high-level monthly business mentorship and mastermind program to help business owners like you learn, scale and grow

The Business Evolution Circle will focus on building you up through the nine key areas of business, or The Business Ecosystem Framework:

FULFILMENT Success is not something that just happens. It's something you create
E2g Chart Rev

How The Business Ecosystem Framework can help you optimise your business even faster Improved Clarity And Vision

With so many balls in the air, it's hard to stay focused on 'the most important thing'. We'll make sure you're only working on things that move the needle forward in your business, not answering stupid phone calls or doing administrative tasks.

Frameworks To Simplify Your Business

Next, we’ll focus on building the right team for you and putting systems in place. This is how we help our clients cut their working hours by HALF or more, by simplifying everything in your business.

A Healthy, Stress-Free Mindset

Running a business doesn't have to strain your mental health. We'll show you how to overcome limiting beliefs, boost productivity, and still have time to keep fit and stay healthy.

Interactive Assessment and Business Mastermind Support

Being surrounded by a like-minded community is essential for growth. You’ll be able to bounce ideas off each other, get feedback and most importantly… hold each other accountable!

Tristan E2g Cta

Learn how you can run your business without being the bottleneck

“I’ve been in business for 12 years or so and feel I’ve been relatively successful. I’ve got no mortgage, owned a commercial property but I’ve felt that I’d hit a glass ceiling and working harder wasn’t going to get me through it either because I had no more to give.

Working more than 70 hours a week in my business was taking up so much of my life that it very nearly cost me my marriage, my family and not to mention the toll that was happening on my health.

Every day, I was busy running from one problem to the next and I was the only one on deck to deal with it.

Now within the first week of working with Tristan we had put together a solid achievable management plan that was easy for me to understand and implement.

Three weeks in and I was feeling like I was gaining control of my business and I finally had my hands on the wheel, controlling its direction.”

Dave, Founder of Kung-fu Southside

Dave Founder Kungfu

Here’s how we'll work with you to develop an action plan for your short and long term goals.

Action Plan
Tristan Short And Long Term Goals
  • Checklist

    We begin with the end in mind - By working out where you’re right now and where you want to get to in the next 12 months.

  • Checklist

    This is done in a 1 on 1 environment where we’ll figure out what projects you need to prioritise to move the needle forward in your business, where you need to upskill, and create proper systems to reduce your team’s reliance on you during the day to day operations.

  • Checklist

    Every month, we’ll focus on a different educational pillar whilst having weekly peer to peer feedback sessions. It’s kind of like a “think tank” where other business owners at a similar stage as you can share their insights to tackle the problems you’re facing.

  • Checklist

    Next, in the quarterly 1-1 planning sessions, I'll assist you to determine short-term strategies for the coming quarter. We'll focus your efforts on the most pressing issues and opportunities to achieve your long-term objectives. At the same time, you’ll touch base with your coach once a month to ensure you’re making consistent progress and raise any questions you might have.

  • Checklist

    Lastly, in the quarterly mastermind, we'll meet with our community of business owners in a similar situation as you. The spotlight will be placed on you for half an hour and we'll talk about your quarterly goals and business metrics and get feedback from the mastermind on anything you need help with. This will be much more in depth than the weekly feedback sessions and it’s a good way for our clients to wrap up just before the quarter ends.

  • Checklist

    While the program is structured year by year, we want to keep helping you as long as you need it.
    We’ll continue working towards more profits with less overwhelm.

  • Checklist

    In the first 30 days, we'll develop a clear strategy to achieve your long term goals, as well as identify quick wins you can benefit from now.

  • Checklist

    By the six month mark, you should see a reduction in work hours whilst still making the same amount, if not more profit.

Short And Long Term
Tristan Marking Goals

Eventually, you'll no longer be the focal point of your business. Clients will continue to flow and it can operate and grow without you. Taking multiple month-long holidays each year won’t be a dream anymore!

You'll be able to pick and choose when you work. This is where your ultimate business dream comes to life.

Tristan - Call To Action

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While we want to make the Business Evolution Circle accessible, this is NOT for everyone…

Img Business Evolution Circle B

To ensure we keep the quality of the program and community at a high level, we do qualify all our members to make sure they’re a good fit for our program:

  • Checklist

    You must be making at least $300K/year in your b2b service-based business or on a growth trajectory that will have you there very shortly.

    This is strictly NOT suited for startups or beginners. If you’re not working with any clients yet, or do not have any staff or contractors, this is not for you.

  • Checklist

    You understand that great results take time to create.

    This isn’t about becoming a millionaire overnight. It’s about building systems and the right team so you can eventually achieve your dream income while taking weekends off to be with your family.

  • Checklist

    You’re not in business SOLELY to make money

    In The Business Evolution Circle, we believe it’s important to build up your dream income but money isn’t the only reason our business exists. We love our work and feel a deep sense of fulfilment in serving our clients to leave a bigger impact in our industries. We also understand that family and freedom are key pillars in our lives. If all you care about is your bank account, this won’t be a good fit.

  • Checklist

    You understand you need to invest a significant amount of money in your business to get to the next level

    The Business Evolution Circle isn’t for FREEBIE seekers or people looking for “overnight success.”
    Our members understand they need to have skin in the game by committing a significant financial investment to take their businesses to the next level.

  • Checklist

    No physical product-based businesses

    For now, we prioritise b2b service-based business owners.

Tristan Short And Long Term Goals

So What’s The Investment To Join The Business Evolution Circle?

Right now, my private 1-1 coaching clients pay me up to $60,000/year to take them from being stuck in the weeds to running a highly profitable business while having the ability to choose the hours they work, often 25-30 hours per week.

However, in the Business Evolution Circle, you will have less 1-1 access to me as this is a group coaching program.

Because of this, I’m able to serve more people.
So you won’t have to invest anywhere close to $60,000/year. Once you enrol inside the Business Evolution Circle, you’ll be on your way to removing yourself as the bottleneck in your business.
Working only 20-30 hours per week won’t be a dream anymore…

Now that’s priceless.

Ill Take You By The Hand

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Okay, We Are At The Final Chapter Where You Have A Choice To Make.

There are really only two options here...

So now you’ve a choice…

  1. You pretend that you didn’t read this short letter and continue being a slave to your business, going at it alone
  2. You enrol into the Business Evolution Circle and we’ll help you cut your working hours by half in the next 6-12 months

If you’re ready to join us inside the Business Evolution Circle, scroll below to book your complimentary “Business Evolution” game plan call now!

During the call, here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Learn more about where you’re at right now in your business and where you want to go in the next 12 months
  2. Figure out what’s missing or broken and what you need to get all the problems fixed
  3. See if it’s a good fit for us to work together so you can join our Business Evolution Circle

At the end of the call, if I find we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll then invite you to a second strategy session where we’ll discuss more about the enrollment process and pricing of the program.

Evolve To Grow Consult Call

Schedule your Consult Call with Tristan to figure out if it's possible to help you. We want to learn about where your business is at right now, where you want it to go, what's in the way - and determine whether our system will work for you.

Tristan Help Next Level Faster
Tristan Help Next Level Faster

Meet the Chief Business Sherpa

Tristan is the CEO and founder of Evolve to Grow and the original Business Sherpa.

When he couldn't find suitable cycling wear for himself and his mates, he discovered his love of business by building Seight Sports, a 7 figure cycling wear business, from scratch.

Now, he focuses on helping b2b service-based business owners across the world.

To grow their businesses without more stress and overwhelm.

He wants to show it’s possible to make all your clients happy, generate more profits, while still taking the weekends off to be with your family.

Or just having the freedom to do things you love outside of work.

“Before working with Tristan, we were doing 35K/month and I was overworked… Working 50 hours per week IN the business.

If I stepped out of the business, delivery would stop completely… I knew I was the bottleneck in the business and we needed to fix this ASAP.

After getting coaching with Tristan, we skyrocketed to doing 60K/month without increasing any headcount in less than two years.

I’m also working less now, about 15 hours per week to maintain the business operations which allowed me to do things that actually GREW the business.

I also have more time now to be with my family…

Surfing with my kids is one of the things I look forward to each week!”

Darren, Rise Local


Why join now?

This is for b2b service-based business owners making at least $300,000/year and want to scale without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

By following our Business Ecosystem framework, you can:

  1. Make all your clients happy
  2. Achieve your dream income while still taking the weekends off to be with your family
  3. Build a team and have systems in place to run the business without you

This is a four figure monthly investment with a 6 month minimum commitment period. To see if the program is a good fit for you, click here to book your Business Evolution consultation with us.

This is a monthly membership that has a 6 month minimum commitment period.

However, most of our members usually see results in the first few months of the program, so they might choose to stay longer to continue having access to Tristan and his team.

Click here to see the full program structure.

After working with multiple b2b service-based entrepreneurs, they share that it’s difficult to get results in other coaching programs.
I find it’s because they usually work with one of these coaches:

  1. You’ll either see a more senior business coach, who while offering a level of expertise is often hampered by limited ability to adapt to the digital age.
  2. Alternatively, you have the young bucks with no real business experience—just a flimsy life coaching ‘certificate’ and some successful social media accounts.

In the Business Evolution Circle, we have a balance between both - Tristan is well versed with the rapidly changing digital world and he also has built a successful 7 figure cycling wear business in the past.

This makes him well equipped to share with you the tools needed to grow your business to where you want to be, without the stress or overwhelm.

In the first 90 days, we'll develop a clear strategy to achieve your long term goals, as well as identify quick wins you can benefit from now.

By the six month mark, you should see a reduction in work hours whilst still making the same amount, if not more profit.

Eventually, you'll no longer be the focal point of your business. Clients will continue to flow and it can operate and grow without you. Taking multiple month-long holidays each year won’t be a dream anymore!

You'll be able to pick and choose when you work. This is where your ultimate business dream comes to life.

Book your Business Evolution Consultation Here

While we don’t offer any money back guarantees specifically, what I can guarantee you is that it will be much more difficult to go on this journey alone.

Looking back, I realised how much faster I could have scaled my cycling business to 7 figures without being overwhelmed if I had the right mentor to lean on.

This is why I started Evolve To Grow in the first place, to give back and serve the entrepreneurs who were once in my shoes...

If you had a faster way to optimise your business and choose to work only 20-30 hours per week, would you choose to do it NOW or later?

Don’t keep yourself and those you care about from living the life you were meant to. Stop being a prisoner to your schedule and slave to your business...

And stop making excuses about why you can’t build your dream income and lifestyle at the same time.