Level Up Your Goals For Entrepreneurial Success

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Level Up Your Goals For Entrepreneurial Success With Tristan Wright

Tristan Wright gives business owners and entrepreneurs the tools and support they need to simplify their workload, grow their profits, and reclaim their free time.

The “Business Sherpa” has been there, done that, and believes growing a successful business is easier with a team who has been there with his business, Evolve to Grow.

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Episode Highlights:

Learn how and why Tristan brought on tons of debt, and what he recommends now for business owners to be successful in that same situation.

Tristan dug himself out of really tough times, as many entrepreneurs need to do. Here’s his brilliant and simple way how.

Learn how Tristan uses end goals to up clients’ game.

Tristan breaks down how to simplify your over-complicated goals, and what kinds of small steps you can take to achieve them.

Get Tristan’s take on blaming external forces for your business’ lack of success.

Run time:  36:31

Best advice ever received: Go my own way.

Habit that contributes to success:  Physical health.

Recommended book:  Dichotomy of Leadership and Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Recommended tools:  Slack and one of the many LinkedIn automation tools


Evolve to Grow

Tristan on LinkedIn

Tristan’s podcast

Dichotomy of Leadership

Extreme Ownership



“If I wasn’t going to do anything about this, nothing would change.”

“I started opening up to people.”

“So many business owners…feel like they need to go through the stresses and pressures by themselves.”

“You’ll pick up on their positive energy.”

“You just never know how you’re going to help serve that person.”

“The simpler, the better.”

“Change the rules to suit your business and lifestyle.”


Surround yourself with successful people to bring yourself up a level, especially in tough times.

Start simplifying your goals by reverse engineering a year-out goal. How will you take steps to achieve it?

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