Mindset & Mental Health in Business with Tristan Wright – 013

Your Mindset Underpins Your Business And Your Mental Health with Tristan Wright – 013

Tristan defines himself as a business sherpa and he is based in Melbourne with a background in leadership coaching and applied business. Unlike many coaches and consultants, however, Tristan has actually built a business – from an ad-hoc startup in his 3 square-meter kitchen to a 7-figure operation with staff and suppliers around the globe.

In doing so, He’s acquired first-hand experience in everything related to business. He has survived the personal aspects of entrepreneurship as well. He’s let the allure of success (and fear of failure) consume every waking minute, and learned the hard lessons seldom taught by anyone.

Start with the end in mind.

Noteworthy questions:

10:52 How did you get awareness of and eliminate your mental health issues?

19:40 What is the shiny object syndrome and how do we escape it?

20:27 How do we find clarity?

25:15 How do we deal with perfectionism in business?

27:32 How do we deal with not having energy or enough time for our business / life?

34:29 What is one habit people benefit from to improve their business and life drastically?

Key takeaways

  • As difficult as it is, you need to share what you are feeling.
  • Break things down into bite-size chunks and deal with it piece by piece.
  • It’s part of life to feel pain. It also shows that we are human.
  • The number one step in business coaching is mindset coaching, it underpins everything else.
  • Start with the end in mind when you are thinking of goals and your vision.

Done is better than perfect.

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Your Mindset Underpins Your Business