There’s no point in having a business if you don’t do this…

Have you ever stopped to consider what Dale Beaumont, Alex Hormozi, and most entrepreneurs have in common?

It might not be immediately obvious, but one key factor that sets these successful individuals apart is their dedication to fitness and sport. The stats say being physically fit makes you 30% richer on average.

By training 34 hours per week, Dale learned the value of discipline, hard work, and the benefits of having a coach.

And for Alex Hormozi, starting to lift weights at a young age helped to instil a strong work ethic and discipline that has carried over into his business pursuits.

But why is this connection between fitness and success so important?

For starters, being physically active helps to:
1) Improve focus.
2) Increase energy levels.
3) And boost productivity as it teaches delayed gratification.

So if you want to join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs like Dale and Alex, consider incorporating fitness and sport into your daily routine. It might require some short-term sacrifices, but the long-term benefits for your mind and body will be worth it. Save and Follow for more fulfilment-oriented business content like this.