How to manage 10 LIFETIMES worth of work (and make millions)…

Have you ever looked at someone like Gary Vaynerchuck and wondered how he manages to accomplish so much?

As the CEO of VaynerMedia, Chairman of VaynerX, co-founder of VaynerSports, and a successful investor and author, Gary has his hands full. But he’s able to manage it all by following a few key principles.

1) First, Gary knows when to delegate tasks to others who are better equipped to handle them, even if he enjoys doing them himself, like creating content for social media.

2) Second, Gary works to streamline processes and creating systems wherever he can.

3) By following these principles, Gary is able to manage a huge workload without burning out. And while it might require some short term sacrifices, the long term benefits of growth and success make it all worth it.

So if you want to manage your workload like Gary Vaynerchuck, start by identifying the tasks that are most important to you and delegate and systematise the rest. It might be tough at first, but the rewards will be worth it in the end. Follow for more!