Uncovering Your Authentic Self is Good for Business

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Charisma: A Notable Trait in Successful Business Individuals

They seem to have this inner confidence that can be infectious, maybe intimidating. The thing is, we all have that confidence, you tap into it when you find your unique skill set, passion, and direction.

To find your authentic self, you first need to step away from any preconceived ideas about who you are supposed to be. What others want for you and how they would do it is on them. Only you can define your direction and purpose and you alone know what actions to take to get there.

I’m not saying it’s easy, it takes a lot of courage to embrace your faults and vulnerabilities, often we assume these faults make us bad, unworthy or weak. It takes courage to turn off all the noise and discover who you really are and accept your unique and authentic self.

Once you know your worth, you can start to live your life in a way that reflects that. You will be more confident in your decisions, and you will be less likely to let others take advantage of you. You will also be more likely to set boundaries and stand up for yourself.

Your Authentic Self is Good for Business

When your business is run from this place of authenticity, you know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it. It gives you confidence to pursue that one thing every day, no matter how risky or unorthodox.

In return we:

  • Gain unlimited business growth.
  • Tap into a limitless income stream.
  • Get greater flexibility, innovation and focus.
  • Connect with our clients.
  • Push the boundaries of what is possible.

The opposite of this is when you try to please everyone.  It’s impossible to anticipate every person’s needs or supply a product that makes everybody happy. Yet so many people attempt to do this in life and business and it leads to burn out, demotivation and dissatisfaction.

Authenticity is Authentic

True authenticity is incredibly valuable. When you embrace all your gifts (even the ones that seem to be flaws) you connect with people on a sincere level, gain more energy, and grow in confidence. You start to put your clients, customers or audience first. When you do that, you start to offer something people actually need.

This is the heart of any successful business, identifying a need and helping people complete something they can’t do alone. In your business you are the only person who can do what you do, in the way you do it. It’s because of the flaws and the mistakes and the limitations you faced and overcame in the past, combined with what you have learned and how you have grown, that places you in this position right now.

Owning up to those life experiences, embracing every part of the broken road you travelled to get here will help you see solutions clearly. Other people will identify with your unique story, and come to you for their own solution.

Your Business Makes a Difference

Business is more rewarding and enjoyable when, rather than convincing people to invest in something they don’t want, you simply offer them what they do want.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business or career you have in front of you, you have information, skills, experience and understanding that can make a difference. This is why uniqueness is so powerful. Only you have walked your road and only you have the tools you do. Life experience produces unique products people are craving.

Often people in business will look around for the best sales tips and marketing campaigns and slogans. Just be yourself, and know that you are a work in progress and you have a unique job to do.

I get that maybe this sounds a bit extreme, maybe even impossible, but when you have the right business coach, business mentor or consultant they can ask questions to quickly and safely get to your authentic self and set you on a path to confidence and greatness.

If you would like help finding your authentic self and tapping into your passion, book in a free strategy session with me today.

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