Fun Team Building Activities That Your Employees Will Love

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Team building activities have become one of the most essential parts of company culture nowadays. Team building activities may be done regardless of the space. So, you can do the activities in both remote and office environments. Let us remember the COVID period when the entire business world was switched back to the remote environment. Managers still managed to have fun with their employees by using activities friendly to remote employees. Nowadays, in the world of business, everything is oriented towards work, so you do not have time to think about your colleagues. This is the reason why team building activities are incorporated into the company culture, so they can actually contribute to the culture of teamwork within a certain organization. Activities like these are meant to show the employees that in situations where they are working in sync, everything moves in the right direction. 

Why Is Team Building So Important?

It has been demonstrated that competition is responsible for increasing productivity. Teams get to bond in a more effective way, and they start channeling their enhanced productivity into fun through inclusive team-building activities. Also, it can take some time for a team to figure out how to effectively work together, but you will be taken off guard when you see how teams function better when they are motivated and inspired. We also get inspired by this topic, so we have decided to present you with some of the most interesting team-building activities for both office and remote environments.


A Virtual Break Room 

One of the most important elements that differentiate remote teams from in-house teams is the simple chatter that happens on the office floors or in the corridors. These are natural things in the office, even if you do not anticipate them at all. Yet, these simple chit-chats are a huge part of the team-building process. Luckily, you can recreate this environment remotely as well. One of the team-building activities you can do is create a virtual break room. This is the virtual place where your remote team members can log in during the breaks and chat together. To make this actually work, the team manager should make sure to support this one so that this environment really looks and feels like the community and make efforts to incorporate it into the remote working day. 

Get Out of the Office 

Sometimes, during team-building activities, it is much better to get out of the office and enjoy the outdoors. This, however, does not mean that you will go together for a walk or hike. Instead, do something enjoyable, such as play paintball or go gel blazing. Not only will you have teams working together and cooperating so they can reach the mutual goal, but it will be a super fun activity that will get them moving and thinking toward problem-solving which imitates the office environment. To this end, gel blaster team building gear, tactic gear, raffles, and protective equipment can play a great part in finding the best equipment for activities like this. Outdoor activities that include the entire team are the main purpose of the entire idea to bring everyone together and get them working as one. 

Virtual Company Events

Companies are, in essence, the places where people come to work together through company-wide events as well as meetings. So, do not miss your opportunity to incorporate these in your remote environment as well. Virtual company events should be run the same way you run in-person events. Create the agenda, assign the role of host, have different speakers, and leave the opportunity for others to ask questions. The only difference is that you will do all of this via video. Activities like this are really helpful when you want to bring the entire team together and make them feel proud of the company they are working for. 

Winner/ Loser 

This is the type of activity that aims to bring employees closer together and foster genuine relationships rather than just professional ones. The game urges people to talk about things and look at them from a positive point of view. Winner/ loser is one of the best ice-breaking games where employees are divided into two groups. After this, one of the employees shares a negative experience with the partner and then switches roles. Once they are done sharing, one of the partners talks about the other partner’s experience, but in a way where they need to highlight the positive sides of the experience and the lessons these experiences taught them.

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Set the Challenges 

Setting friendly challenges and little competition among employees never hurt anyone, on the contrary, it brings them together. So, set up a couple of challenges for your teams and create a goal they should work towards. A great option for challenges like these is the fitness challenge. These will not only bring in some kind of fun competition but will also contribute to the group’s well-being. Friendly challenges are super cool for remote workers, as they will get them moving. 

Human Knot 

This is an excellent team-building activity for large groups of employees. All you should do is divide all of the employees into groups of six to twelve and ask them to form circles where they will face each other. Instruct them to put their right hand in the air and grab someone else’s hand from across the circle. After that, instruct them to put up their left hand as well and grab someone else’s hand from across the circle. Then, set the timer and ask them to untangle the knot within a limited time. The first team to complete the task wins. The aim of games like these is to get people to work together on completing tasks within a specific period of time. Also, they lead them towards problem-solving and trigger their creativity for problem solutions. 

Team-building activities help teams overcome limitations and boundaries while also uniting their strengths to make their business run more smoothly. The purpose of these activities is to create a positive working environment for your employees and to create positive competition that will push them towards mutual goals.