Scale Messaging Case Study

When I started working with Tristan and I’d basically just gone out, working on my own for a bit of about sort of six months or so and I basically had a few retainers when I’d started from previous clients and I’d actually lost those retainers just because things weren’t working out with them anymore, they didn’t really need me anymore. So, I kind of needed some help. I was basically stuck doing just client work constantly. I said I had a business, but it was probably more like a glorified freelancer if I’m honest. I felt like I needed some help with just getting a bit clear about systemizing, my approach, kind of figuring out what to do.

I always found when I wasn’t doing client work, I would be like, what do I do now? Like What do I focus on? And I was going okay, but I didn’t really have much of a funnel and I just didn’t have a huge amount of direction. After we started engaging with Tristan, so to be honest at first, this was just when the pandemic hit. This was actually just when we started that was when the COVID hit. And my initial thought was, I can’t spend this money now. And then I thought through and I was like, actually now is the best time to spend that money because you know, this is when I needed help the most. And yeah, it’s been incredibly helpful.

Having those weekly calls helped a lot for accountability. It helped keep me focused on what I needed to do, and it was just good having someone to be able to talk through those issues with. Tristan’s approach isn’t just like all over the place. He’s very methodical. He’s got a clear step by step to work you through it, especially at the beginning and that was super helpful to get clear about the vision and the direction of what I wanted to do and then start working backwards from there. The key take-outs for me that made the most difference for me, it was essentially geared just starting to view my business more as a business rather than just me, because, I started viewing the different hats though, where, so I’m the technician and maybe the general manager and the strategy person and I’m blocking out time to work on the business.

That was really important putting in systems and processes for managing my financials and marketing and just thought seeing it more as a business and it made a huge difference. I think I made a lot of progress over the time that we’d work together. I think where I’m at now, a lot of it is due to the advances that I’ve got in those stages with Tristan.

When we were working together, we put in essentially an outbound system for me to get leads where basically we’re doing some more LinkedIn outreach and essentially just getting some leads because I was more just relying on referrals and that was actually very effective in that I got more work than I could handle, to be honest, and that brought up new problems. But basically from that, from that outrage, I landed a bunch of new clients and got a lot of learnings from that because I also realized that I needed to improve the way I delivered the work as well. Like hustled hard to get the new leads and then still delivered high quality but at a short term cost.

At first, I wasn’t really doing much lead generation at all. It was just like fortunate enough that people I knew would kind of reach out. I think for the most part, things just kind of came through before and I was just relying on that, but I realized it wasn’t predictable and then once we put that system in place, then things were certainly much more predictable.

The way I also look at work life balance, is the work you’re doing draining you or charging you. And because if it’s charging you up and, or at least you you’re enjoying it and interested in it, then even if you are working more, it’s still okay because you’re getting some fulfillment from it. It’s when you’re doing work that is just draining and you’re doing a lot of it and it feels pointless and you’re not doing the right work, that’s when it’s draining.

So, thank you Tristan. Appreciate it. If you’re looking to get some help if you’re running your own business and you’re looking for someone to help you get to that next level, I definitely recommend working with Tristan.

Scale Messaging