Performance X Physiology Case Study

After working as an Exercise Physiologist for 8 years myself and a colleague decided to open our own private clinic. With our only experience as an employee it has been a challenge to think and do as a director and owner. With Tristan’s help he has been able to engage what my future goals are as well as help me think of where my business is going to be in a few years time and it has fare exceeded my expectations.

He has the ability to challenge you to yourself. It’s a bit like looking in the mirror and answering questions from you that you didn’t think of, yet somewhere in you their is the answer. My biggest fear was that I will not have enough time to do other activities in life that I enjoy and it doesn’t seem that way anymore. I am a natural easy-going natured person and spent a lot of my university studies procrastinating because there was more fun things to do. Now, with a clear direction/goals with help from Tristan I am standing accountable so I can make the time to continue life outside of work and still make work successful.