Parley Property Advisory Case Study

I had always aspired to start my own business and I had a passion for Real Estate so it was only natural for me to start my own buyers advocacy firm when I had the chance. I had multiple years experience in negotiating real estate and assessing properties for clients, however it quite quickly it dawned on me that I had minimal experience of running the day to day operations of a business, let alone a start-up. This is when I found Tristan, who was able share with me his 10 + years of experience and point me in the right direction. With Tristan running businesses before he understood what I was going through and could identify my pain points quickly and get me back on track. It has been great to have someone inside of my business to help me pull apart what I was doing, question its efficiency and suggest other alternatives. After working with Tristan I have more clarity in the business direction and less stress. Thank you Tristan for your guidance.