Kung-Fu Southside Case Study

G’day! My name is Dave Richardson and I’m the owner of Kill Pest, pest management services and also Kung-Fu Southside here in Brisbane. I was introduced to Tristan through a mutual friend and after a short time, have become not just a client of his but also a mate.

Now I’ve been in business for 12 years or so and I feel have been relatively successful. I’ve got no mortgage, owned a commercial property but I’ve felt that I’d hit a glass ceiling and working harder wasn’t going to get me through it either because I had no more to give. Working more than 70 hours a week in my business was taking up so much of my life that it very nearly cost me my marriage, my family and not to mention the toll that was happening on my health. All day every day I was busy running from one problem to the next and I was the only one on deck to deal with it.

Now within the first week of working with Tristan we had put together a solid achievable management plan that was easy for me to understand and implement. three weeks in and I was feeling like I was gaining control of the runaway bus that was my businesses and I finally had my hands on the wheel, controlling its direction. Now, like you I’ve read countless books watched heaps of videos on business going to numerous workshops and seminars. I had a ton of information already but what I lacked was the ability to implement it correctly and efficiently. And that’s when Tristan came in, he was supportive and encouraging but he didn’t try to make me feel warm and fluffy by telling me it was going to be alright and you’re okay, you’re doing really great. He made me take a long hard look at myself and define exactly who I was, where I was now, where I wanted to go, and what I wanted to be. Now he’s kicked me in the ass more than once when I’ve needed it that’s for sure, because I started to fall into the same habits and routine that got me to where I was, not to where I’m going now. He is the Sherpa behind me, pushing me to take that next step towards the summit. He’s not carrying my pack or lifting all my gear, no that’s my responsibility but he is showing me how to pack it properly and lift it so that there’s an easier load to carry and what path I need to take it which is the best way to get there.

Now, if you’re in your office, your house, or wherever it is that you do in your business and you’re thinking I can’t get through this by myself then don’t. Do yourself a favor and get some help. Life’s too short to waste. Have a great day guys and Tristan thanks for all your help mate. Cheers!