Banter Group Case Study

Banter Group, under the dynamic leadership of Val, was at a crucial crossroads as the Covid-19 pandemic hit. The marketing agency, currently a team of nine, had set its sights on expanding operations amidst the global upheaval. Understanding the weight of the moment, Val decided to bring in Tristan to guide them through the turbulent waters.

Scaling up the business during a pandemic is a daunting task, and Banter Group wasn’t immune to these challenges. The team faced major decisions, such as shifting to a value-based pricing model, severing ties with clients who are no longer in alignment with their vision, and restructuring staff roles. It’s a lonely task, making such decisions, but Tristan provided the guidance they need to navigate this complex landscape.

Tristan’s approach to coaching is unique and resonates with the team. He understands Banter Group’s commitment to offering bespoke solutions to their clients. Rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all approach, Tristan assisted the team in systematising their operations. This helps to preserve the customised, client-facing services that are a hallmark of the Banter Group, while increasing efficiency.

Among Tristan’s pivotal contributions is his help transitioning to a value-based pricing model. He has provided invaluable guidance on letting go of clients who are no longer in alignment with the company’s direction and offers insights into how staff roles can be restructured for optimal performance. His input has aided in streamlining the Banter’s operations, putting them on a trajectory for rapid growth.

Three years on, Banter Group is now an 18-person strong team. An early testament to Tristan’s guidance came when he advised on restructuring a proposal. This results in a significant fee increase, covering six months of his coaching services, a clear win for Banter Group. Tristan’s coaching instils confidence in the team, allowing them to pitch to high-value clients and secure business that would have been out of reach in the past. His input has not just increased the agency’s market position but also diversified their client base.

Val and her team at Banter Group find Tristan’s focused approach, centred on businesses of their size and sector, to be a valuable asset. It’s this understanding and adaptability that allows him to offer guidance tailored to their specific needs and business goals. Val highly recommends Tristan, not just as a coach, but as an indispensable partner in the journey of business growth. Tristan’s coaching is an instrumental part of Banter Group’s successful navigation and expansion during one of the most challenging times in recent history.

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