Pushing out Your Concepts and Getting Market Feedback as Soon as Possible

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The Entrepreneur Way Podcast 958

Pushing out Your Concepts and Getting Market Feedback as Soon as Possible with Tristan Wright Founder and Owner of Evolve to Grow Pty Ltd.

The Business Sherpa – Assisting Small Businesses Grow, Simply & Sustainably. Tristan Wright gives business owners and entrepreneurs the tools and support they need to simplify their workload, grow their profits, and reclaim their free-time.

Entrepreneurial Role Models:


When business started difficulties overcame:

“Finding a good supplier that could provide quality product and also getting out to market, having the confidence and getting out to market. I just spent a lot of time learning how to market my product and where that niche was but from there it sort of grew”…

Favorite Books:

The E-myth, why most businesses don’t work and what to do about it Book by Michael E. Gerber

High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way Book by Brendon Burchard

Favorite Quote:

“Arrogance is a camouflage of insecurity”

Recommended Online Resources:

Dux Soup – is the ultimate lead generation tool for LinkedIn. Visit thousands of profiles with one easy click and start increasing your sales today.

Best Advice to Other Entrepreneurs:

“Go live now, push out your concepts and get market feedback as soon as possible. Minimum viable product”…

More About Tristan Wright:

Evolve to Grow

Neil’s Quote at the Beginning:

“All answers that you seek can only be found within.” Abhijit Naskar

Other Quotes From the Chat with Tristan Wright:

“Make mistakes and make mistakes quickly”

“So many businesses and so many people stay stuck in their life because they procrastinate for too long and don’t learn from their mistakes”

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