Valentina Borbone

So I engaged Tristan back in June, 2020 in the height of the COVID pandemic. I'm a small business owner. I have a team of 10 and I've been in business for three years just gone in October. Engaging Tristan was a really big step because I felt that I was a really productive, motivated, disciplined leader in my business, but I only know what I know. So I took a plunge and took on a business coach. Within the first phone call, Tristan reframed my thinking around a particular problem I was having with the proposal. And essentially, what happened as an outcome was, I was able to triple my rate and build my confidence that I was worth that amount of money for what I was proposing. Without Tristan, I probably wouldn't have made that decision. So he delivered on his return on investment within one phone call. 

I'm five months into my six-month engagement and I'm really looking forward to my own business future. He's reframing how I think about problems, how I think about my own self and my capabilities and the focus that I put on my team. He's a really wonderful person that's down to earth and doesn't make me feel inadequate as a business owner because I'm not doing things. And he's also really supportive throughout the weeks when he follows up with me on certain aspects that I've raised as a concern. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

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