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Kung-Fu Southside

G’day! My name is Dave Richardson and I’m the owner of Kill Pest, pest management services and also Kung-Fu Southside here in Brisbane. I was introduced to Tristan through a mutual friend and after a short time, have become not just a client of his but also a mate. Now I’ve been in business for 12 years or so and I feel have been relatively successful. I’ve got no mortgage, owned a commercial property but I’ve felt that I’d hit a glass ceiling and working harder wasn’t going to get me through it either because I had no more to give. Working more than 70 hours a week in my business was taking up so much of my life that it very nearly cost me my marriage, my family and not to mention the toll that was happening on my health. All day every day I was busy running from one problem to the next and I was the only one on deck to deal with it. Now within the first week of working with Tristan we had put together a solid achievable management plan that was easy for me to understand and implement. three weeks in and I was feeling like I was gaining control of the runaway bus that was my businesses and I finally had my hands on the wheel, controlling its direction. Now, like you I’ve read countless books watched heaps of videos on business going to numerous workshops and seminars. I had a ton of information already but what I lacked was the ability to implement it correctly and efficiently. And that’s when Tristan came in, he was supportive and encouraging but he didn’t try to make me feel warm and fluffy by telling me it was going to be alright and you’re okay, you’re doing really great. He made me take a long hard look at myself and define exactly who I was, where I was now, where I wanted to go, and what I wanted to be. Now he’s kicked me in the ass more than once when I’ve needed it that’s for sure, because I started to fall into the same habits and routine that got me to where I was, not to where I’m going now. He is the Sherpa behind me, pushing me to take that next step towards the summit. He’s not carrying my pack or lifting all my gear, no that’s my responsibility but he is showing me how to pack it properly and lift it so that there’s an easier load to carry and what path I need to take it which is the best way to get there. Now, if you’re in your office, your house, or wherever it is that you do in your business and you’re thinking I can’t get through this by myself then don’t. Do yourself a favor and get some help. Life’s too short to waste. Have a great day guys and Tristan thanks for all your help mate. Cheers!

Dave Richardson

Dave Richardson - Owner

Get a Quick Word

Hi there I just want to do a quick testimonial for my friend the Sherpa. He is incredible, the amazing thing about Tristan to give him his human name is that he is humble, he is experienced, he is talented but more than anything he doesn’t mind asking the awkward questions. I have only just recently launched into my business full-time it had been a side hustle for about 18 months and I launched into it with so many questions, a lot of enthusiasm and a good bit of skill but actually not a lot of perspective. Tristan with all of his experience working with businesses and having set up numerous ones of his own knows exactly what you need to know at the right time and also he’s a critical friend and you need that when you’re running your business especially when you’re on your own. You need someone to ensure that you’re doing the right things to help you understand what you should be focusing on at any given point because if you’re anything like me it’s from this shiny object to that shiny object to this shiny object and he makes sure that you’re going in the right direction and that you’re aligned to the vision for your business as well as understanding the why behind it. So vision wise tick, practical skills tick, constant support tick, regular challenge also tick and that’s effectively what you need if you’re gonna take on any form of professional support and this man has it so if you’re considering and doing it at all engaging with him in any way I could not recommend him any stronger and so reach out to him for a conversation you won’t regret it. Thanks!

Rhys Badkin

Rhys Badkin – Owner

Gratzer Graphics

This is Colleen Gratzer from Gratzer Graphics, I have to say a huge thank you to Tristan. First off, I’m on the other side of the world from him but it never ever seems like it, he’s so responsive and attentive and he’s super genuine and after a couple video calls I felt like we were old friends. Second, Tristan really has a knack for understanding what is holding you back in your business every week he’s set up a plan for me about what I needed to do next to overcome those obstacles and those are things you can only see for yourself and it could be something personal not even necessarily something business-related that’s holding you back in your business. Also, Tristan was always impartial but interested and insightful. I could feel how much he was invested in my business’s success and he also had me accountable and provided tons of encouragement especially checking in with me between some of our weekly calls when he knew that I had a lot of personal issues to deal with outside of business so if you’re thinking of working with Tristan, I highly recommend him.

Colleen Gratzer

Colleen Gratzer – Owner

Jennifer Dopazo

I’m Jennifer Depaso, the founder of Candelita Lab, a branding and design studio based in New York. I’m part of a professional group of entrepreneurs where I met Tristan and after going through his business assessment session and just going deep into like those areas of my business that I’m kinda neglecting or say that I’m too busy because I’m working on client work. I could see immediately how he could help me and bring so much value to my business. And also support me to reach out those I really want to reach. So you know, I’ve been in business for ten years and the idea of having someone on your side sitting with your at the table, helping you make decisions, helping you actually make those decisions and figure out what’s the best action for right now has been the best part of working with him.

Jennifer Depaso

Jennifer Dopazo – Owner

Fuse Communications

Working for myself and without staff or colleagues to bounce ideas off, it’s incredibly valuable to have someone I’m able to talk things through with. Tristan has been a wonderful asset as a business mentor and confidant, providing advice on everything from growth strategies to accounting software, and sharing his own experiences in taking a business from startup to the next level. I would 100% recommend him as an excellent starting point for any small business owner who’s wondering where to take their next step.

Adrian Ballantyne – Founder/Owner

Idea Guru

Thank you! Not only through your business mentoring, but also through your personal growth coaching our business has grown dramatically having you as a mentor. We have also had the experience of accepting who we are, our strengths, weaknesses and how to communicate more effectively so that we can get more out of life and business. There are many different ways to get a job done, but you have worked with us to find the best solutions and in particular how to make a profit and still have time to enjoy all the benefits of being a digital nomad in tropical paradise!

Jarrod Partridge – Owner

Lou Lou St Cruz

I’d put so much energy into my start up that I began to feel overwhelmed with the amount of output I still needed after launching. I’d enlisted a couple of contractors for their specific skill sets, but none really drove anything home for me. I was beginning to believe that if you want anything done, then it’s best to do it yourself. Being in a highly competitive industry it’s easy to throw money away if you aren’t laser sharp focused.

I was introduced to Tristan via a mutual friend along the way, and he asked the absolute correct questions relevant to that time. I knew that he understood my journey and the path that needed to be laid to get from point now to point winning.

We’ve sat together weekly for the last 6 weeks and I’m happy to say I’ve finally found that dedicated, results driven, quick thinking side kick I was looking for.

Yes, I still need to accomplish all of these stages on my own, but it’s the only way to learn and grow both for myself and the business. Having a solid coach to help guide, keep you focused and learn new techniques is a priceless investment.

Everyone needs a coach at some stage in their lives, and Tristan is brilliant.

Taryn Mclean - Owner

Performance X Physiology

After working as an Exercise Physiologist for 8 years myself and a colleague decided to open our own private clinic. With our only experience as an employee it has been a challenge to think and do as a director and owner. With Tristan’s help he has been able to engage what my future goals are as well as help me think of where my business is going to be in a few years time and it has fare exceeded my expectations.

He has the ability to challenge you to yourself. It’s a bit like looking in the mirror and answering questions from you that you didn’t think of, yet somewhere in you their is the answer. My biggest fear was that I will not have enough time to do other activities in life that I enjoy and it doesn’t seem that way anymore. I am a natural easy-going natured person and spent a lot of my university studies procrastinating because there was more fun things to do. Now, with a clear direction/goals with help from Tristan I am standing accountable so I can make the time to continue life outside of work and still make work successful.

Beth Chiuchiarelli – Owner

Parley Property Advisory

I had always aspired to start my own business and I had a passion for Real Estate so it was only natural for me to start my own buyers advocacy firm when I had the chance. I had multiple years experience in negotiating real estate and assessing properties for clients, however it quite quickly it dawned on me that I had minimal experience of running the day to day operations of a business, let alone a start-up. This is when I found Tristan, who was able share with me his 10 + years of experience and point me in the right direction. With Tristan running businesses before he understood what I was going through and could identify my pain points quickly and get me back on track. It has been great to have someone inside of my business to help me pull apart what I was doing, question its efficiency and suggest other alternatives. After working with Tristan I have more clarity in the business direction and less stress. Thank you Tristan for your guidance.

Luke Assigal – Owner

Simple Instructions

My business was overtaking my personal life, with hours spent fulfilling paperwork and administration duties late at night. Tristan and I have been working together to set realistic goals to help break free from the rut I was in and to give me more time to enjoy my life. By removing the road blocks (me) and introducing automation into my business it provided me with the opportunity work from afar whilst increasing my overall profit. As a business owner I knew what I needed to be doing and where I needed to be, however, I wasn’t at that point to change and other things always seemed more important. With the help of Evolve to Grow and within 3 months of coaching, I am now writing this testimonial from Antigua, Guatemala and on a 6 month holiday. Tristan, thank you for your guidance.

Ian Wood – Owner