How to Crush Your Small Business Owner Morning Routine.

A good day is seen in the morning, so is a clear business mind. Industry leaders all over the globe, for this reason, don’t just wake up and head start their morning with a cup of coffee. Rather, they sit and plan, meditate, process, and a myriad of other short but very effective routines when their mind is at its best.  Plan, prepare, execute. A simple routine, yet hard for many to follow through. 

Willpower is at its best in the morning, making it the perfect time to set the daily bar for yourself. Here is a list of ten-morning routines that will have every small business owner crushing their day:

1. Meditation.

J. Donald Walters associates peace with meditation because meditation releases negative energy and infills the body, mind, and spirit with positive harmonious energy. Simply put, meditation clears your mind of baggage. It enables you to focus. To do this, yoga, listening to calm music or repeatedly reading chakra declarations will do.  

2. Setting your priorities right.

“I didn’t like what Jeanette did yesterday at lunch or the argument that followed thereafter.” Easy to get caught up in our emotions and unnecessary feuds of everyday life, right? Well, this routine has no place for personal hardships and innuendos. The focus is on the mission and visions of your small business. This is the perfect time to redefine yourself every morning, by knowing what you value and what it’ll take to get there. Doing this renews your spirit and determination. 

3. Set your daily and weekly goals.

With the resolve to make the day count in pursuit of your goal, write down the small daily wins that will contribute to the overall big win in the end. Have a notebook where you write down your daily to-do list and keep revisiting throughout the day to ensure everything is in order. By the end of the week, these small steps are sure to have gotten you a mile ahead of everyone else. 

4. Plan your day.

Having a fulfilled day is not just about achieving the to-do list, it's rather about making the most of every day, and here is only one way to achieve this: Planning. Planning ensures all energy reserves are used entirely to achieve the goals of the day. It helps you focus. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint. 

5. Brainstorm.

The way to yield creativity, innovation, and solutions to problems in your small business is to take 10 minutes of your morning to actively brainstorm. This allows you to come up with original authentic ideas. It keeps you up to trend and ensures your small business is as dynamic as it could be. This could be done as you make your bed, on the ride to work, during breakfast, you name it!

6. The valued cup of coffee.

A perfect cup of pour-over coffee will be the jumpstart you need every morning to get out there and slay your demons. It will stimulate your body, while at the same time be the first small win. As you brew your coffee, getting the grind right, water right and mug right will leave you feeling like a winner as you step out of your house. 

7. Give thanks. 

Alfred North Whitehead was right after all. No one can achieve anything without the help of others, therefore we should all cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Take this time to be grateful for your wife, husband, opportunity, the right day, your small business and even health! Gratitude sets the tone for a positive attitude and a healthy relationship with everyone you encounter in your day. 

8. Consistency.

We cannot emphasize this enough. The key to achieving anything in life is resilience. No matter how monotonous it may seem, you need to remain as consistent as possible. Psychologists say that it takes 21 days of repetition to make something routine. Try it! Every day, try the 30 minute or 1-hour routine and see it realign not only your business but your life.

9. Eat a healthy hefty breakfast.

Working on an empty stomach could easily ruin all the plans set for the day. Hunger throws anyone out of balance just about as much as emotional trauma does. To avoid failing over missed meals, it is imperative that you take a healthy breakfast, balanced in diet and one hefty enough to last you over a long period without being distracted by food. Before pouncing on emails, worksheets, balance sheets and so on, ensure you have the energy for it!

10. Clear your mind and ease into your day.Having taken a shower and worn an outfit to bring out your day, step out with a clear mind, tough resolve, and ease yourself into the day ahead with positivity. In order to conquer all challenges, have an open mind and go out full of energy. 

Being an entrepreneur is no easy task. First, you bear the burden of determining the success of your business, second, you are a role model and pacesetter for all employees and to top it off, families depend on you for survival. When you construct your morning routine around all the 10 tips, crushing your day will be a walk in the park. The healthy habits of successful people will have you at your best performance be it on an annoying Monday or lazy Saturday! Set your momentum today for everyone's sake!

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