How to set and reach your New Year’s goals this year

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With only a day to go, we are moving fast towards 2021. And the best way to make sure that 2021 starts strong is to have your New Year goals planned out. While some might say that it is too early, proper planning does take time. So, the actual question is how to set your goals and hit them this New Year?

However, it does require proper planning, asset management, SMART actions, and focus. 

One of the basics of goal setting is to break it down into multiple parts. This way, you can set up smaller milestones and track your progress as you complete the parts. It also makes you feel optimistic about the whole process and improves your mindset. So let’s have a look at some of the ways in which you can crush your New Year’s goals this year.

#1: Complete What You Are Afraid of First

Well, it’s always mind over matter. Let’s think for a minute. Yes, your goal is a scary one, and you might be unsure of what you can do and what you cannot. So, the best way to tackle this is to do what you are most afraid of first. 

Don’t like doing books? Get it done the first thing in the morning. 

Another way to tackle this situation is to convert your negative thoughts into positive ones. For example, if you are having thoughts like, “I’m not good with money-making,” think about the other side of the coin. Did you manage to get a business deal going? Do you have bargaining power? What do you think is hindering you from making money?

Once you get to the root cause, you will find the reasons for changing your thought. For example, you might come up with something like, “I did make a good decision or won a deal for XYZ.”  It all depends on your mindset. I recently wrote a blog that speaks about money beliefs that are holding you back from crushing your dreams. This is something that you will have to come out of to reach your goals not only on New Year but every day of the year.

#2: Allot Time for Each Task

Once you have the goal set and have broken down the entire goal in chunks, it’s time to check how much time you need for it. So take your calendar out and allot time for each task. A rough estimate is good.

At the same time, make sure you keep buffer time between two tasks. This way, if you go over the time estimates, you are not going down with a panic attack. One way of working would be the Pomodoro technique of working. In this technique, you work for a span of 25 minutes and then take a 5 minutes break. Each set of 25 minutes of work + 5 minutes break is known as the Pomodoro unit. After 4 Pomodoro units take a longer break.

#3: Make A Backup Plan

Well, you are human. And humans have emergencies or day to day life to deal with. In fact, life can get in the way of anything. So, when you are planning out the execution, you’d need to have backup plans in mind.

Start with having a backup plan for everything that you are planning and it should be good to go. For example, do you need to meet your accountant on a specific day? Send out 2 dates and confirm that with the person. That way, if you miss one date, you can fall back on the other without getting frustrated or panicked.

However, this is not a way to normalize procrastination or laziness. Keep this plan only for emergencies or the whole business framework will fail, and you will be left with a mess.

If you are unsure of if you can do it on your own, or need someone to keep you in line, get a business coach in Melbourne or your local area. That way, you will end up with some solid advice and also be held accountable. 

#4: Reward Yourself

Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t have to live the austere lifestyle of a monk. No need to get up at 5 a.m. if you are not productive at that hour. What matters is that you do the work that you are set out to do, and complete with perfection.

Every good deed deserves a reward, and so do you. So each time you complete a goal, no matter how small, reward yourself. It can be something small like a glass of wine or even an extra hour of sleep or a day off. It really depends on what you crave the most, and how significant the win was when you completed the goal. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, remember it’s just a plan to reach your goals. How you achieve it is less significant than the fact that you actually achieve it. If for some reason you fail, don’t go hard on yourself -- because you are human too.

All the steps mentioned above are easy ways to train your mind and develop habits to crush your goal at any time of the year. Instead of just drifting aimlessly and tackling what life throws at you, these processes can help you to take charge and move forward as you want to. 

While we can’t control everything, we can definitely control our actions and results by setting up goals, systems, and processes and completing them as we move forward in the life path. The choices we make define our actions, and the actions we take define our destiny -- so it is up to us to make the right choices and follow through with the right actions. 

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