How To Increase Profit In Your Small Business - My 5 Step Profit Improvement System

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On average, how much are your profits increasing month-on-month? If you’re not seeing a significant uplift, chances are you’re plateauing in business and that’s not good.

In my recent interview with Linh Podetti, I talk about my journey, how I started doing coaching and the 5 steps to improving your profit and stop the plateau. Click on the video link to learn more!

Here's a quick timestamp/topic guide:

00:00 Introduction

01:31 What motivated Tristan to start his Coaching business

02:58 Common mistakes people make in business

04:44 What is a healthy profit

06:23 Profit in your business

07:23 How much to pay yourself as a business owner

08:44 Ways to profitability

13:07 Limiting beliefs in business

18:38 Clients whom Tristan Wright work with

19:43 Process when working with Tristan Wright

21:00 How to connect with Tristan Wright

22:11 Key takeaway from Tristan Wright

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