Business Coaches Are Just Desperate to Be Tony Robbins, Right?

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To debunk a common misconception; I’m not trying to be Tony Robbins, nor do I want to be – that market is saturated.

The difference beyond Tony Robbins and myself is he wants to motivate you, while I want to give you the tools and knowledge to success in building your business. And help you use these tools and knowledge to better your business.

Look, I’m sure Tony, Kerwin Rae and Calvin Coyles are great people – they’re certainly successful – but they’re about mindset and when building a business, that only gets you so far. In fact, I would suggest the ‘business’ side of their brand is handled by others – the less glamorous more strategic people.

As an unintended consequence of their motivational messaging, they’ve inspired a generation to do what most can’t – act as a business coach.

It’s become more popular to be a business coach than be a business owner. It’s estimated 80% of the coaching profession is well-intentioned bullshit. So, logically you can assume most in this space are bullshit artists with nothing much of value to contribute.

They’ve bought the books, attended the low-grade training courses and use the buzzwords. That’s doesn’t give them right to claim to be something they’re not.

Truth be told, I hate the term ‘business coach’ so much that I refuse to be associated with it. Please now only refer to me as Messiah…sorry, I mean your Business Sherpa. It’s a much more meaningful name. Who better to navigate you through the rocky incline of turning your idea into a success than a Business Sherpa.

Unlike many of my counterparts, I have runs on the board.{PS the guys I mentioned earlier, definitely do have runs on the board, .) Whatever you’re going through as a business owner, I’ve been there. I built a business from scratch and sold it 7 years later for a tidy profit. However, my abilities and knowledge to be your Business Sherpa don’t end there.

I want to see you succeed, I’m passionate about it. So much so that, since selling my business I packed up my lunchbox and returned to study – you must keep learning in order to offer expertise. I’ve done postgraduate study in Applied Business as well doing the International Coaching Federation training, which most certainly isn’t a weekend course. They teach the guidelines in which I coach and the accountability standards I set myself and impact on clients.

These are the skills I pride myself on offering. I have the experience of building a business, the learning from an institutional course and my own unique application of how to apply it to you. It’s coaching and consulting combined, it’s ‘Sherparism’.

Don’t be fooled by someone’s hype about themselves; If they talk a big game, #danger. Get real with them and ask for proof. Ask them some basic questions:

  • What course have they studied?
  • Have they started a business and was it successful?
  • What are they going to do for you and how will they achieve it?

Unlike me, if they can’t satisfy the answers above, thank them for their motivational quotes and move on.

Working with me in a committed coaching relationship (not the stuff of Tinder) will bring positive change and an even more focused dynamic. All of this will lead to incredible results and a shift in your being.

I don’t offer ‘blue sky thinking,’ sherparism is practical, strategic and results driven, but I can hear your skepticism. You’re putting it together, getting sales and pushing forward with your business. You question why you need a Sherpa. Maybe you don’t, there’s only one way to find out.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Schedule your success needs analysis for your business now – it’s obligation free.

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