Episode 2 - Bringing Sexy Back To Finance

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Storyteller and the Sherpa "Bringing Sexy Back to Finance"

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Corporate messaging is rife within the finance industry. Does it work? No. RBK Advisory are bucking the trend. They have a real personality when dealing with customers and a cheeky side on social media. In this podcast, we ask Director Jason Robinson how they’re making accounting and tax appealing to a wide audience.

Interesting part of this podcast:

…How were you turning a dry boring message like accounting and tax into something appealing?…

Director Jason Robinson: “I think what I’m able to do is just to put a bit of personality into it. I think, its one of those things that you have to get done…..Listen the podcast to learn more about this part at 4:20

Few insights from Luke:

…How’s your last month being mate?…

Luke’s insight: ” Pretty good, actually. Podcasting is seems to be an area of real growth for potential businesses out there… To learn an idea of podcasting, listen here at 2:06… It’s a great share, comparison and leveraging podcasting, creating articles plus social media engagement…

Few words from Tristan: What did you learn from him today?

“I think that the biggest take out from today was that Jason was owning that he was lonely and he needed to learn in his early days…to learn more listen to this interesting point of view at 18:00.

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