Nurturing Leads: Back to Basics Strategies

When it comes to new leads, about 20% become actual sales. That alone reveals that more effort is needed to tap such a massive potential of customers. Sometimes, people tend to lose momentum when focusing on their marketing efforts. It is at times like these that realigning your strategies may be the most practical move.

Many times, companies forget to look back and consider the potential of their existing leads. Most would focus on new ones and try to work their way towards converting them as best as they can. However, the new batch of leads alone will still lead to about 80% that will not translate to a sale. Surely, there is a way to maximise that. A business coach who truly knows what he’s doing would advise you to nurture these leads and to find a game plan that will help you convert higher. 


Understanding lead nurturing

Many people that come to me for small business consulting advice often do not have a good grasp of the importance of lead nurturing. Many are just willing to let go of that 80% that they have unsuccessfully converted.

In fact, this should be an opportunity for a business’ marketing team to convert these leads into actual sales this is where lead nurturing comes in. This is where you identify those who can be future ideal customers but are still not ready to commit to purchasing your products.

When you nurture existing leads, you do what you can to educate your prospects. At the same time, you improve their awareness and knowledge of your organisation. Through this, you can build their trust which can help them sway towards your direction when the time comes for them to make a purchase. 


Investing time

Many of the clients that have sought my expertise as a business coach seem to have a hard time grasping the fact it takes time to earn a client’s business. This is even more so when you’re trying to catch a high-caliber one. Most businesses tend to have this short-sightedness of viewing things, leading to them not knowing what to do when they have to figure in the long game.

While a friendly social media presence or a modern web design can contribute towards getting your brand to be more noticeable, they’re just enough to win potential customers over. Modern customers already expect these things these days. They are a given. You’ll have to go beyond that.

More and more customers these days look for companies that will provide substance. They will want to know that you’ll have their best interest in mind. They’ll want assurance that what you’re offering has a good value. To convince them to buy from you, you must first nurture the relationship


Understanding your goals

When nurturing leads, it is important to remember that you want to build your relationship with a potential customer. Having been a business consultant for years, I have noticed how companies have a tendency to push a sale to prospects without building a relationship first.

This ruins the mood and will likely turn these leads off for life. You wouldn’t want to prematurely offer them something that you’re not sure they’d be interested with, in the first place. Remember, these are potential customers who are still doing research and gathering more information about you and your products. Nurture the relationship the right way and you can convince them to finally make the purchase. 


Personalise things

When you send out email campaigns to leads, make the effort to make them more personal. You’ll want to have them tailored to the behaviour, interests, and needs of the recipient. You’ll want these campaigns to resonate to your leads. So, always pay attention to the demographics that you are targeting.

When emails appear as if they are automated, they can be a huge turn-off to prospects. Aside from making sure that you have their personal details right, it would help to incorporate some of their location or company details when addressing them. That adds a personal touch to the communication.  


Time your communication 

You would not want to email your leads every day- if you do not want them to unsubscribe, that is. Every business coach out there will advise you against sending email blasts every day.

Send your emails at an interval where there is ample time for the recipient to read what you have sent ad digest the information you have provided. Remember that every buyer is unique and they may be in their own different stage in the buying process. The point is, you should never send them a barrage of email or they will just be turned off.

Remember that while you would not want to leave your leads hanging, you wouldn’t want to overwhelm them too. Lead nurturing nowadays is made easier with modern technology. Reaching out to potential customers has been made easier. It’s just a matter of you maximising all these resources in a way that works best for your prospects and for you.