Marketing Tactics for Better Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is not only something that start-ups should focus on but even those names that have already established their market position. Competition is cut-throat and if your business is to thrive, grabbing the attention of prospective customers is a must.

When you establish a bulletproof brand awareness strategy, it becomes easier for you to draw customers towards you if you are pitted with other companies. As a business consulting expert, I always advise clients on the importance of encouraging repeat purchases. More importantly, it can help not only market shares but conversions too. Whilst it does require hard work for your brand to earn its place on the business map, when done right, it can do a lot of difference in driving name recall and sales.


Building brand awareness through social media

The digital age has highlighted the important role that social media plays these days for a business’ success. Millions of people go online every day and this is a vast audience that you would certainly want to get a share of. They key is in building social media channels that are well-optimised.

Social media popularity means that getting a message to a new audience, a vast amount at that, is easy. The costs are very minimal too. However, you also have to consider how fierce the competition is. With almost every single business out there having figured out how important social media is, it matters that you come up with the right strategies to make you stand out.

One piece of advice I can provide as a business coach if you’re to do this right is to choose the right platform. Once you have identified that, commit to being active on it. Maximise hashtags. This allows you to assess your social media content spread. At the same time, this helps you get your messaging tailored to your audience, boosting brand awareness in the process. Brand hashtags are also one way for you to find user-generated content and repost them. Recommendations from other social media users can be a huge booster to your business’ social media presence.


Establishing brand awareness through customer testimonials

One of the best, most effective ways to get your brand out there is through testimonials from customers.  Adding customer testimonials to your website is effective at establishing your credibility. It is another way of increasing sales too. After all, there is nothing more convincing to potential customers than reading the positive experiences that other clients had with your products.

Not only do you get to build more awareness for your brand through testimonials, but they are also a great and highly effective way to advertise what you have to offer. Not to mention, they are free. It is always easier to convince undecided customers to choose your brand when there are testimonials that can prove to them that it works.


Social media monitoring for better brand awareness

The influence social media has over the success of businesses these days cannot be discounted. This is why it helps to have the right tools that can be used to monitor what people expect from your brand. You want to build relationships with your customers that are long-lasting. Monitor results that are directly related to your brand and focus your attention on keywords that are relevant to your niche.

Monitoring social media will help you sway those who are undecided towards actually buying your product. It is also a way for you to answer customer queries and mentions so more people will become aware of your presence. It gives you the opportunity to engage with customers. Besides, when you take the time to answer queries from potential customers, you will be appreciated more.


Cooperate with other local businesses for brand awareness

Whilst every business dreams of finally reaching a global scale, you’d have to start small first. Start your focus on the local market. Find local businesses that you can cooperate with. With their help, you can get your products exposed to the local market as they benefit from exposing their products with your niche. Look for a local business that complements what you have to offer.

For instance, fashion brands would do well when partnering with local shoemakers or local bag makers. Wedding organizers can partner with catering companies, florists, wedding venue providers, or cake shops. Coffee shops can team up with local bakers or patisseries. There are so many ways that you can tap the potential of local businesses towards promoting your own. Start from there and steadily grow your business moving forward.

Do take time to measure the results of your marketing efforts. As a business consultant, I have noticed how so many businesses barely spend enough time to check how well or not they’ve been doing. This helps you assess how effective or not your strategies are. This is also one way for you to assess which areas need fine-tuning to generate the desired result.

Remember that there is no foolproof tactic when it comes to building brand awareness. What works for one company may not yield the same results for you. This is why measuring your results is crucial so you’ll know which strategies to continue and which ones to scrap if your business is to succeed.