Hitting the Quota: How to Do it Right

Evolution is necessary for sales. Salespeople have to learn to adapt if they are to hit their goals. When they are first starting, they will sully have to flail around as they try to learn the ropes and try their hardest to get their monthly quotas met.

As they gain more experience, later on, they will learn to develop systems that will make them more effective, further honing their skills. At this stage, meeting the quota is no longer a struggle, thanks to them having a better grasp of what it takes to convince a prospect.

It’s quite common for most salespeople to just stop evolving there. After all, they are already hitting their quotas and most would no longer see the need to have to do more. However, the elites will keep going. These types of salespeople are not just interested in hitting their targets at the end of the month. These are the kinds of sales professionals that would try their hardest to get their goals achieved long before the month actually ends.

These are the kinds of salespeople that you want to be a part of your sales team. This is the kind of mindset that you will want to instill in your sales professionals so you know that meeting your targets will be more than achievable long before you reach the end of our timeline. As an experienced business coach, here are some sales techniques and processes that I recommend you should consider implementing.


Have a long-term plan

A long-term perspective is necessary if you want your sales team to successfully meet their quota every month’s end. As a business consultant, I always emphasize to clients the need to think long term. This allows you to map out your objective for an extended period, instead of staying short-sighted and dealing with things on a monthly basis

For this to work, you will want to find out what your long-term goals are. Once this is established, your next step is to work backward and find out what the monthly objectives are going to be- such as your target new customers, your expected revenue, or your total volume of sales. This time, it will be in relation to your long-term goal. This is one of ensuring that the team stays consistent, performance-wise no matter the time of the year.


Step up your prospecting game

You should never neglect to prospect. If you were aggressive at the start of the month, make sure to not let up the momentum around month’s end. Remember that your gals do not stop when the month ends. You have the next month’s gals to work on afterward. You want to start as soon as you can to set your team up towards replicating the same level of success next month, if not more.

Prospecting allows you to lay down opportunities that you can convert into actual sales the next month. Expert salespeople know too well how crucial momentum is. Just because they have already hit their quota for the month doesn’t mean that work is all done for them. Whatever days they have left for the month, they strategically use to get some prospecting blitz done so they can again, set themselves up for excellent results the following month.

Allocate enough time after you have hit the month’s quota to reaching out to new buyers. Get referrals. Look around for possible contacts. Find out if you have past prospects that may be ready for re-engagements so you will already have targets to work on even before the next month starts.


Create a sense of urgency

There seems to be a mindset about how salespeople should wait until the end of the month if they want to get better deals. Some believe that it is always going to be difficult to close a deal at the beginning or middle of the month. However, it is all about creating a sense of urgency.

I have found out in my years as a small business coach that a great way of closing a deal is to create a sense of urgency around the needs and wants of a prospect to prod them into singing that contract. When you come up with a solid presentation as to why they should close the deal with you now, there is no longer any need for you to have to wait by month’s end to close the sale.

Present your offer in a way that the customers will feel that it will be a considerable incentive for them to sign up now instead of later. Do this in a way that relates to their specific need. When there is a genuine sense of urgency, you will no longer even need to dish out discounts and other promotional offers. That urgency alone will be enough to convince your prospect why it is a good idea for him to sing now and to wait until later.


Once you can see that your quota should be easily met before the month ends, don’t sandbag. Some people have a tendency to postpone deal until the next month once they have met all their goals but it is a mentality like this that can kill deals. The moment the customer is ready to buy, it doesn’t matter what time of the month it is, don’t delay.