Hidden Gems to Look For with Business Coaches




Working your way towards success as an entrepreneur can really be a very daunting and overwhelming task.

Someone who says otherwise either doesn’t know what he’s talking about or is just spouting b*llsh*t – elaborate chicanery to milk you dry of your hard-earned money.

Some inexperienced entrepreneurs opted for the foolhardy way of going for the D.I.Y. route to business who relied mostly on eBooks and articles. And thinking all these can help them get the job done.

The wiser ones acknowledged the importance of personalised guidance, opting to work with and develop meaningful relationships with business coaches.

Nothing beats getting valuable guidance from a small business coach whose been-there-and-done-that. The good ones really know what they’re talking about, not spewing nonsense or generic crap you can get from the Internet.

Sadly, not all business consultants are borne or honed from the same stellar matter. Most rely on excellent marketing materials to entice you to sign up. But after an enthusiastic first session, you’ll soon find your subsequent sessions devoid of substance, irrelevant and not helpful to your business at all.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re on the lookout for an ideal business coach to work with. You may already have an idea of the qualities and traits to watch out for.

To help you towards this path, I’ve outlined some qualities and hidden gems that you can look out for and spend some considerable thought.

A Good Business Coach Thinks and Sees Things Differently

Every business has unique circumstances and challenges so there is no generic or all-encompassing strategy that can work with all. It would be a shame to work with a business consultant who relies on pre-defined untested templates and canned strategies.A good business coach understands the uniqueness of every business endeavor and would sit and plan things differently – those he judges will fit well with your business. His goal is to simplify strategies for overwhelmed entrepreneurs, helping their businesses grow, simply and sustainably.

A Good Business Coach is Inquisitive

Working with a business consultant who doesn’t even raise probing questions on inquiring on specifics of the business, can really be doubtful to a discerning eye. It’s kind of boring as well.  Being naturally inquisitive is an inherent trait of good business coaches. He tries to deep dive into your situation and attempts to learn relevant insights that will have a potential impact on the success of your business.He tries to help you discover your authentic self, for it is only from a place of authenticity that you can run your business effectively, efficiently, at optimum cost and minimum errors.

A Good Business Coach is Honest

This may sound like a cliché and is outrageously obvious, but do take the extra effort to determine the honesty of your business coach. It is critical at the start and in the long run.  A good business coach does not rely on generic concepts and rehashed strategies. He knows what he is saying and doing, for he has the valuable experience of becoming an entrepreneur. He personally knows the pain of being a small business owner, has the first-hand experience of every aspect of the business and has a clear understanding of the unique strategies that will help the business succeed.  

A Good Business Coach is a Good Listener

A good business consultant will proactively conduct formal sessions or even informal discussions to talk to you more about your business. He does not just go through the notion just for compliance but is genuinely and actively listening to every word you say. He would encourage you to speak and not leave any detail. He’ll even go through the effort of looking out for body languages you consciously or unconsciously exhibit. Doing so, he’ll gain more insights to help you succeed.   

A Good Business Coach is a Clear Communicator

As a good listener, a good business coach is also a clear communicator;

A Good Business Coach Clearly Understands Small and Medium Businesses

I said this before and I’m writing it here now, an estimated 80% of so-called business coaching professionals are just spouting well-intentioned b*llsh*t. Many do not really have a first-hand experience of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.So how do you think they can help and guide you make the right business decisions? Don’t be fooled by the hype or the glitzy marketing content these so-called professional business coaches and gurus have built around themselves. Look for a good business coach who knows what he’s saying, has studied or has graduated from a reputable business course, has a proven track record of going into business, and become successful in business – and make real, tangible profits.

A Good Business Coach Will Challenge You

Be on the lookout for business consultants who do not say anything but praises on the tasks you have accomplished, when you yourself know that you haven’t achieved anything yet. A good business coach knows your real situation and will say so otherwise.

He will challenge you and push you towards achieving your goal

He will challenge weak ideas and say right to your face that you’re not doing things properly

He will not tolerate petty actions that are detrimental to the success of your business

A Good Business Coach is Analytical

In a world and market scenario where a large amount of data is available, a good business coach is analytical and will encourage you to be analytical as well. He relies on factual information, separating the hype from useful information. He has a critical eye for everything and analyses every situation thoroughly. He can help you pinpoint flaws in your strategies, or reinforce what is working to make them generate even more successful results.

A Good Business Coach Measures Success

A good business consultant is determined to make you succeed and will establish points of measurement to know if you’re in the right path or not. He relies on the accountability standards he has learned from his own training and study and applies all these to create a positive impact on his clients. One of the gauges he uses to measure success is behavioral change. He is dedicated to helping small business owners change the way they do business to achieve better and more profitable results and will gauge you on how well you have learned and assimilated the wisdom he imparted.

A Good Business Coach has a Great Network of Peers

A good business coach does not only rely on his own skills and knowledge but also seeks to continuously improve himself through further study and learning from the experience and knowledge of his peers and mentors. I’ve pointed this out before that there is a dark side to entrepreneurialism, particularly with unscrupulous individuals who are all out to swindle people with their money through fakery, misleading marketing, and unsubstantial motivational initiatives.

A good business coach has strong ethics in the way he handles his business as well as in his coaching profession.

It is only through integrity and strong business ethics that entrepreneurs like you and me can survive in this highly competitive market environment.