E-Commerce Strategies that Work


If you’re aiming to increase your revenue, you’ll have to consider where you can find new prospects. In this age where everything is going digital, a really good source for prospective customers is e-commerce. As a small business, you’ll want to know how you can best capture your share of the pie.

Read on for some e-commerce strategies you should be implemented according to small business consulting experts.


Target your audience

One crucial advice that a business consultant worth his salt would give you is establishing your territory. If you’re to capture the right audience in e-commerce, defining who they are is crucial. Regardless of your niche, industry or company products are, make it a point to identify the specific audience for what you are offering.

This will allow you to specialise and personalise your offering to fit the specific needs, wants, and requirements of these specific group of people. When you know exactly who your target audience is, it becomes easier to grab their attention.


Customise the browsing experience 

Design your site in a manner that is appropriate for your brand. Determine what key ingredients should be part of your navigation that will not just attract your audience but one that will get them to come back. You want all your online platform to provide your target audience with a memorable browsing experience.

If you are selling to a younger audience, use colours that are bright and vibrant. However, if your target is those who are older, you might need to tone that down and come up with a look and feel that is more age-appropriate. 


Personalise your online platforms

Site visitors want an experience that caters to their wants and their needs. According to small business consulting experts, the best way to do this is to capture the interest of the shoppers.

This is often achieved by generating product selections that match what they are looking for. You need an approach that is individualised. The same goes for promotions. When all your offers are tailored for your customers, they will love the experience and will be more encouraged to browse through and find out what else you have in store.


Do not neglect the mobile platform

In fact, you should invest in mobile. With the way search engines are leaning more to mobile platforms these days, it makes sense that you invest effort in developing your mobile platform. Google is now opting for a mobile-first as the number of mobile users has outnumbered those that access their webs through their PCs.

Your business consultant will advise you on how crucial a mobile platform is. If you want to stay competitive, there is no way that you cannot include mobile in your agenda. Make your mobile services more accessible such as real-time notifications, maps, click-to-call, delivery status, and product information. More importantly, work on your mobile site. 


Develop quality content

If you’re to conquer e-commerce, you’ll need to create content for your site that will draw potential customers. Find a strategy that will make it easier for prospective customers to be aware of the products and services you are offering.

Remember that people use Google these days to find anything through Google. This is why a business coach will always advise that you make the most use of search engine optimisation techniques. From keywords to meta tags, find strategies that will help you become more findable in search rankings. 


Curate your products to offer exclusivity

Buyers will always have this mindset of gravitating towards something that they could not get elsewhere. Have a proprietary selection of curated products for a specific segment of your online offerings.

Sites that curate product assortments succeed in making their buyers feel as if they get exclusive access to the merchandise. When people feel that they could not get the products you are selling elsewhere, it becomes easier to convince them to buy what you’re offering.  


Consider logistics

You have to be prepared to accommodate growth. You need to be ready to address high volume and complex orders. Third-party logistics will help you address that. It’s not enough that you have logistics that handle getting your products sent to your customers. You’ll need to have reverse logistics too.

Returns and exchanges are a crucial part of any business. Having the necessary platform to process that will help you stand out even more. Find logistics that will allow you to economically and quickly handle these concerns. Networks offering innovative fulfillment and same-day shipping will help your cause considerably too. 


Sell merchandise that’s internet-only

If you want to make your brand more exclusive offering products that are valuable on the internet only is one way of achieving this. Exclusivity is something that a business consultant would recommend if you want to make your brand more desirable to prospects.

Buyers are more likely to gravitate to your online site when they know that there is no other place that they can get what you’re offering. Having products that are online-only also allows you to better control your margins.

Understand that when it comes to e-commerce strategies, there are different methods that can help you get results. A combination of these methods may be necessary. The key is to implement them and then measure them accordingly so you know exactly which ones are working.