Do you need a business sherpa?


Tristan Wright joined me from Melbourne, Australia to discuss how his path from uni (college) for engineering to “real life” work lead him to starting a company making custom cycling apparel. That took off and he built it into a solid 7 figure business that sold around the globe.

He says that it didn’t go as smoothly as a story book since balancing that and home life ended up costing him a marriage.  He says that one thing that he learned is that to build a business you need to be able to accept help from someone who has the experience to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong and help you adjust your sails to do more of the right stuff.

A lot of the conversations I have with small business dealership owners make what Tristan talked about resonate. Look for perspective from those who have done what you want to do. Put yourself in circles with those who are where you want to be in several years.  Consider getting a business coach. If you intend to scale the highest peaks of business and feel like a full fledged business sherpa is the type you’d like, please check him out here:

Please share this podcast with someone at dealership that you know. That dealership person may be a lot person, front counter help, sales person, manager, or owner. People need different perspective at different times in their journey. Dealership fiXit exists to help dealerships tap into high performance ideas!


Tristan Wright
Tristan gives business owners and entrepreneurs the tools and support they need to simplify their workload, grow their profits, and reclaim their free-time. When your passion project turns into a six-figure business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, to grow isolated, to lose focus on the next step. Your workload explodes. Your free-time evaporates. Your friends become distant, and your relationships start to wither. Unlike many business gurus, he actually built a business - from tiny startup to 7-figure turnover. He endured the highs and lows and learned through experience, so Tristan can offer you more than just biz-school buzzwords or vague advice. READ HIS FULL BIO