Crucial Marketing Trends You Should be Paying Attention To

When building an effective marketing strategy, you cannot just ignore the trends. You’ll want to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the latest techniques and processes that may add more value to your own system right now.

Successful entrepreneurs are always those that look ahead. Anticipating how the present trends will affect the future performance of your business will make it possible for you to put in the necessary effort now to
set your business up on the right track. With a world that is as fast-paced as it is now, planning ahead will help you be better equipped to manage the business challenges that will come your way when they do happen.  


Here are some of the marketing trends that you should pay close attention to from my experiences as a business consultant.


People are less trusting of traditional ads

What I’ve noticed as a business coach is that people these days seem to be running away from traditional ads. Advertising campaigns are more successful when it possesses elements that make them more trustworthy to their audience. Even on the web, ads are not faring very well. More and more people are choosing to install ad blockers. This year, it is estimated that the number will reach around 30% of online users that is 30% possible target audience that traditional ads will no longer be able to reach.

Still, it does not mean that marketers will just have to give up on ads altogether. The key is to create ones that will be more valuable and relevant to their consumers. This is also why it is hardly surprising to see more funds going to influencer marketing, content marketing, referrals partnerships, and those methods that are designed to offer actual audience value. Until such time as ads start becoming valuable again for consumers, this particular isn’t like to stop.


Internal barriers should not be enough to stop you

All too many times, sales managers give up on their marketing strategies simply because they feel that there just so many red tapes that they have to go through before actually getting it implemented. However, this is actually not healthy for a company to do. The addition of barrier between departments disrupts the easy flow of working together to foster growth and development together. When barriers are put up to prevent these departments from coordinating, cooperating, and working together, ultimately, this can lead to a company’ s demise.


Create, don’t just conform

Just because something is a hit now doesn’t mean that you should start doing the same thing. If you put your mind to it, you’ll find that there are many ways that you can achieve excellent results by using a different method. As a business coach, I make it a point to advise clients that going against the grain might actually be the breakthrough that they are looking for.


It does not hurt to take note of what is in and what is working because they have been tested and proven by other entrepreneurs like you. But it also does not hurt to push the envelope further and try to think out of the box for solutions that others may not have tried. Conforming to what has been the norm is safe. However, there may be times when taking some calculated risks can actually pay off where your marketing strategy goes.


Understand customer communication

Over the years, technology has seen considerable evolution and people now are living even faster –paced lives. It matters that businesses are able to keep up with customer expectations as far as their manner of communication goes. You cannot expect customers to start buying from you when you could not even communicate with them in the first place.

With communication being a crucial element towards getting people convinced that you are offering something of value for them, it is crucial that you get a good understanding of how your consumers prefer you to do that. You must speak their language and maximise the tools that they are using to communicate so you know that you are not missing out on very noteworthy trends.


Authenticity matters

Technology and automation are the new reality in marketing these days. There is no stopping that. While they may look like a big change for any marketers and salespeople who are used to the old way of getting things done, at the end of the day, they can actually bring more benefits as they can lead to marketers making better decisions, scaling their targets more effectively, and even saving money in the process.

Of course, it is not right to bank everything on technology alone. True, automation can cover the basic tasks involved. However, it is the addition of personal touch that will make a huge difference. There is still no substitute to personal touch when delivering your solutions.


Do remember that there is no single way of getting coming up with a marketing strategy that works. Many times, you may even have to combine a number of strategies to get the results you want. The key is to take away what you can from these strategies and use the ones that work well for you.