Lou Lou St Cruz

I’d put so much energy into my start up that I began to feel overwhelmed with the amount of output I still needed after launching. I’d enlisted a couple of contractors for their specific skill sets, but none really drove anything home for me. I was beginning to believe that if you want anything done, then it’s best to do it yourself. Being in a highly competitive industry it’s easy to throw money away if you aren’t laser sharp focused.

I was introduced to Tristan via a mutual friend along the way, and he asked the absolute correct questions relevant to that time. I knew that he understood my journey and the path that needed to be laid to get from point now to point winning.

We’ve sat together weekly for the last 6 weeks and I’m happy to say I’ve finally found that dedicated, results driven, quick thinking side kick I was looking for.

Yes, I still need to accomplish all of these stages on my own, but it’s the only way to learn and grow both for myself and the business. Having a solid coach to help guide, keep you focused and learn new techniques is a priceless investment.

Everyone needs a coach at some stage in their lives, and Tristan is brilliant.

Taryn Mclean - Owner

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